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If you ride a motorcycle or know someone who does or just want to know where the good street rides are in the southeast, take the off ramp from the information superhighway to MotoHawk. At MotoHawk, you'll find the "Code of the Road" a monthly article by Hawk Hagebak whose Motorcycle Adventures guidebooks have become best sellers for the southeastern United States . You can purchase these books at bookstores, motorcycle shops, over the internet and even here at MotoHawk. But MotoHawk is your only source for personalized, signed copies. The "Code of the Road" by Hawk Hagebak is a monthly article written with the author's own brand of humor. In the "Code of the Road" Hawk shares his insights on touring, packing, maintenance, and other motorcycle related topics. Also in the "Code of the Road" Hawk will keep you posted on his current projects. If you've got a specific question for Hawk, you can e-mail him directly at He'll answer your question by e-mail or in the Code of the Road.

So, what's a MotoHawk? It's the merging of the word motorcycle and the name Hawk, which seems only natural after you've read his work and learn about his experiences.

Hawk Hagebak was introduced to motorcycling by his mother who rode her purple Honda around Ashland, Wisconsin with a very young Hawk proudly seated on the back and holding on for dear life. Since those days of cold but short rides, Hawk has been associated with motorcycles in some way.  As a member of the Cobb Police Motorcycle Squad, he was a motorcycle officer for a decade. Today, he continues to tinker with the motorcycles he owns, while pursuing non riders to "convert" them into motorcyclists, and is always in search of the perfect road. Hawk and motorcycles are inseparable.


 Hawk Hagebak

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