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If you're headed for the curves and twists of the Southern Appalachians, from Georgia to Northern Virginia, check out the Motorcycle Adventures series of guidebooks to help you answer the question, "Where are you going?" At MotoHawk.com, you will get the answer to that question as well as share riding experiences, learn about touring from Hawk Hagebak, and find out about events where you can meet the author of these best selling series of Motorcycle Adventure guidebooks. If you've got a question for Hawk, this is the place to ask!





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Answer your questions about:

·         Where to go?

·         What to see?

·         Good Roads?

·         Where to eat?

·         What about gas?

Whether novice or seasoned "road-warrior", you're sure to appreciate these best selling Motorcycle Adventure Guides.  Packed with information that ranges from getting out of tickets to the "art of the wave" these books add humorous and adventurous twists not found in other guidebooks. What you will find in other motorcycle guidebooks that you won't find in the Motorcycle Adventures series are advertisements and fluff to make a "fat" book. Other motorcycle guidebooks cover their operating costs by charging businesses a fee to be mentioned in their book, turning them into "Advertorials" that you are still charged for! The Motorcycle Adventures series was written without such prejudice. If it was a good place to eat, stay or play, it was mentioned. If it wasn't up to par, it got no mention (regardless of the money offered). Could the Motorcycle Adventures series be fatter? Sure, but who wants a book that's obese? We could have fed our books the doughnuts and candy of the publishing world, by including thousands of photographs to show you every inch of where you're going, and then charge you extra for a fatter book. In the lean but strong pages of the Motorcycle Adventures series there are just enough photographs to give the flavor of the area without ruining you own discoveries. Watch out for the imitators and ride with pride in the Southern Appalachians

The trilogy of guidebooks known as Motorcycle Adventures in the Southern Appalachians cover all of the best motorcycle routes in the southern Appalachians from the Alleghenies of northern Virginia to the rolling foothills north of Atlanta, Georgia. Combined, the three books offer nearly seventy-five routes from which to choose.  Included are gas station locations, restaurants, places to stay, tips about dealing with a breakdown, avoiding traffic tickets, trip preparation, and other important information.

  Featured in:

  Motorcycle Consumer News, Rider, Dixie Rider,  Wing World, Full Throttle, Asheville Citizen Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Chattanooga Free Press, and others.


What they say:


"iiiij" !!  Motorcycle Consumer News   

"Hagebak leaves nothing out..."


Asheville Citizen Times


"Hagebak's book goes the extra mile..."


Wing World


"Now, he's sharing his secrets..."


Atlanta Journal Constitution


"Killer information... uncanny sense of humor..."


Full Throttle


Chapters include gas stations, distances to the tenths of miles and time estimates.  Written in an easy to read "conversational" style.

Chapter sample

Restaurants, historic places and other items of interest are listed.  Detailed directions and maps are on facing pages, making it easy to follow and read the directions.

Directions Sample


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