Want MotoHawk to come speak at your event? Let him know about it! Email Hawk to let him know when, where, who is the audience, how many people are expected, and what you’d like him to cover. For example, “We’re hosting the Bright Horizons Rally on May 1st in Tampa, Fl and we anticipate about 500 registrants with about 200 attending your funny presentation about the Code of the Road”

Hawk has spoken at dozens of events ranging from small motorcycle club gatherings to large regional events enjoyed by hundreds. Factors taken into account for his speaker fees include the amount and cost of travel and of the event. Small events near Western Carolina or East Tennessee, speaking fees start at $400 per day.

For Civil Trials and depositions, Hawk can to provide you with his latest C.V. and witness fees. Email Hawk about your event and he’ll work with you on the fees for your event.

Speaker Inquiry

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“Thank you for sharing yourself, your riding insights and your riding experiences with us at the recent GMR in Hiawassee.  You have a great presentation style and your weaving of humor throughout keeps everyone engaged and actively listening.

It had been several years since I last heard you speak, but I found myself being reminded of good practices and awarenesses (as I ride my ’17 RT). My wife kept talking about how much of your presentation resonated with her as a pillion rider. She’ll hear other speakers in the future, but you set the bar quite high for engaging her interest and relating to your riding experiences.

Thank you, Hawk. You are definitely one of the Good Guys and it’s my honor to know you.”


Don Flowers


“ Hawk is a man of many talents. Our store has been lucky to have him as a long-term customer, a guest speaker for our seminars as well as a vendor with his book sales. Many of our customers who have purchased his guidebooks in our store have come back with great stories about their riding adventures. Hawk delivers great information layered with real life experience and hilarious humor!”

Candy Hunter

WOW Motorcycles

Inviting Hawk Hagebak to speak at our annual conference turned out to be a wise decision as he brought the house down with his levity and engaging style. He is relaxed, spontaneous, and his timing is impeccable. Just when you think it couldn’t get any funnier, he adds another layer. He is really a master storyteller and will have you laughing hysterically. I continue to hear from many of our 150 attendees that the highlight of the event was Hawk’s stand-up routine. Just please don’t tell that to the keynote speaker.”


Kiersten Kleiber

Georgia TIME Task Force